This verse from chapter 13 of the Quran serves as the inspiration behind the work of Revival Arts.

Revival Arts blends contemporary artistic mediums with traditional Arabic artistic expressions. Each piece maintains a careful balance between beauty and script to create a harmonious composition. Revival Arts seeks to convey a message that combines multiple mediums to create something truly unique.


There is a beautiful escape that comes along with moving your pen in different curves and bends across a page. As a child, I found myself enthralled by the movement of line; the ability to create harmony and chaos all in one stroke – the power of just one mark. As an emerging artist I found my niche in the world of calligraphy where the lines of my pen combine with majestic words, creating art with depth and purpose.

In my work I blend the teachings of the east and the west, the past and the present. I work with a variety of mediums including canvas, board, wood, glass, and wax. I use my knowledge and skill in traditional Arabic calligraphy in unison with modern mediums to create timeless works of art.

I use different mediums and different methods in each unique piece of work, but together their theme is one. Each piece is made to inspire. To awaken hearts to think of that which is greater than themselves. Find your escape in the lines, flow along the curves and bends, fall into the depths, and forget the world – for just a moment.